I saw January 6th with horror as did millions. I condemn violence as a means of overturning election results. I condemn those who violently went into the capitol. Such people do not represent the Republican party past or future. Win elections with better policies. Fierce debate of ideas is acceptable, but never fierce behavior. There are more important things than winning elections - like protecting democracy. What people did that day was not peaceful protest. All politicians must acknowledge this  Country comes first, not political party. Our forefathers wanted democracy – not demagogues and hooligans. A lesson overlooked is that our capital needs better security, FBI intelligence, and coordinated planning. 

I offer this proposal to start with: require politicians to sit by state in Congress and the Senate. They currently sit with one party on the left side and another on the right side, creating ugly opposition. Dear Lord! Our original Congress and constitutional convention of the 1780s sat according to state. It’s time for us to return to the healthy roots of those days.

Let Republican and Democrat representatives from New York sit together. Let them look each other in the eye, maybe talk about family and the other’s health. Force them to interact like human beings. Likewise for all the 50 states.

It’s time for our politicians meet each other, sit next to each other and show courtesy - time to set a good role model for our children.

That will be a good start.