Press Release
Date: August 23, 2022

I congratulate Jerry Nadler on his defeat of Carolyn Maloney in the Democratic primary and look forward to giving voters an alternative to 30 years of doctrinaire Democratic Party dogma from their representatives.

As a leader in moderate, independent, political movements nationally, I think the kinds of pragmatic, people-centered, data-driven alternative policies I have advanced for decades will find a receptive audience among our many friends and neighbors in New York's new 12th Congressional District.

I am the same kind of college-educated, work-a-day New Yorker as many of the people in the district. 

I know what it’s like to buy groceries, ride the subways, pay the month’s rent and worry about an angry boss, lay-offs and job security.  But I am also a U.S. Army veteran who not only served overseas myself, but grew up on my Dad’s Air Force bases around the world as an “Air Force Brat”.  As an adult hoping to find better solutions for how government and society operate, I became a "policy wonk" offering alternatives and solutions.

I think those experiences will bring a unique, insightful, apolitical, vision to this still great city’s representation in the House of Representatives. Mr. Nadler, on the other hand, cannot understand or even appreciate those kind of life experiences or skills because he became an officeholder even before he graduated college. He has never experienced any other type of work.

It's important, in my view, to bring down the tone of our politics from "high boil" to "low simmer" and to replace partisanship with particulars – the particulars we need to get the country back on track after the worst pandemic in a century, heightened threats from abroad, and inflation that's crushing family budgets and our children's future.  
I don't think Jerry Nadler, who calls his failed attempt to remove Donald Trump from office his "greatest accomplishment" in 30 years in Congress, can do that.   

Let's see what the voters think on November 8th.

Sincerely, Mike Zumbluskas