Israel, Gaza & Protests

Politicians and university leaders must confront protesters opposing Israel‘s right to exist or promoting hatred (or death) of Jews. America during World War II did not sacrifice 400,000 soldiers fighting bloodthirsty fascism only to see misguided students promote hate of Jews. Why doesn’t your current congressman talk about this? He won’t. I will.

Anyone on college campuses supporting Hamas should be required by universities to watch videos of the shocking atrocities, the rapes of women, the mutilated bodies, the beheaded children. Then ask these protesters why they support Hamas. Require the same of professors encouraging protests to prevent professors from supporting sick causes and misleading naïve students who barely understand complex Middle East history.

I have sympathy for the needs of Gazan civilians - adequate food, shelter and medicine. But we must recognize Israel vulnerability, only 30 miles wide at one point. Independent Palestine armed by Iran with hundreds of tanks, airplanes and helicopters is insanity. Do protesters ever give thought to Hamas goals of the destruction of Israel and death of millions of Jews? Or the 1200 civilians killed at a music festival? Or the over 200 hostages and thousands of family members whose lives were ruined? Or nearly 400,000 Yemenis killed in an Iran-created war? Or nearly 60,000 Israelis who fled northern Israel because Hezbollah militias in southern Lebanon fired over 5000 rockets into northern Israel since October (20,000 overall. 20,000)? 

Why doesn’t your current congressman talk about this? He won’t. I will.

Do protesters know 21% of Israelis are Arabs with full citizenship with the right to vote and be represented in the Israeli Knesset (parliament)? Full citizenship. Right to vote. Full religious rights. This is what they mindlessly call apartheid or genocide.

Why doesn’t your current congressman talk about this? He won’t. I will.

Tens of thousands of West Bank Palestinians enter Israel daily for work. Yes, life is tough there, and a lot of it is because of corrupt, miserable governance by the Palestinian Authority. It’s time for Palestinians to take responsibility for their own inept government and stop blaming everyone else in the world. Demand real democracy. There has not been a free election since 2007… 2007!  Do protesters know about this?

When protesters yell from the river to the sea, do they realize it's an expression promoting the annihilation of Israel and killing millions of Jews? Oh my, why pay attention to such details, protesters? Interviewed protesters when asked the name of that river or sea could not name it (Jordan River/Mediterranean Sea), a clear reminder of ignorance underlying their hatred. 

Why won’t your congressman, a Columbia graduate, go to Columbia and state these facts?  He won’t. I will.

There are atrocities all over the world, from Yemen to Africa to Afghanistan, but not a word is said by “free free Palestine” protesters about it. Maybe the ugly truth is these protesters simply hate Jews. There are ample news reports about them going after innocent Jewish students - fellow students concerned about their studies who have nothing to do with events in Israel except a vague connection that they are Jewish.

Your congressman is largely silent. There are no news reports of him speaking at Columbia or NYU. As your next congressman, I will be in the face of protesters, exposing their antisemitism and hypocrisy. 

Israel ensures daily rocket attacks from Gaza and Southern Lebanon, yet protesters promote a Hamas-led Palestine bent on killing millions of Jews. Iran arms Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, with an estimated 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel. Yemeni Houtis, armed by Iran, wage a war causing over 150,000 deaths and nearly 227,000 killed by famine. Do self-righteous protesters utter a word about such atrocities?

Why doesn’t your current congressman talk about this?  He won’t. I will.

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Another crucial question is future governance of Gaza. I ask voters of goodwill and open mind to read the below questions and come to sensible conclusions regarding “the day after“ – good governance and lasting peace in the Israel/Gaza/West Bank region.

•  What effort is being made to establish democracy and free elections in Gaza and the West Bank, which have not had honest elections since about 2007.

•  Will America and the EU demand removal of leaders who reject peace and democracy?Who will govern Gaza and should a potential independent Palestine have its own military - Air Force, helicopters, hundreds of tanks aside Israel, only 30 miles wide at one point.

•  What will be done to ensure an independent Palestinian state will not harbor terrorists who attack innocent civilians?Hamas launched deadly rockets daily at Israel. Iranian sponsored Hezbollah in southern Lebanon has up to 150,000 rockets and fires rockets daily at Israel. What will be done to resolve this problem?

•  In the interest of peace should action be taken to remove the Iranian supported Hezbollah militia controlling southern Lebanon, with its estimated 150,000 rockets and 25,000+ soldiers, and let the Lebanese government establish full sovereignty in the entire country?

•  Some 21% of Israeli citizens are Arabs: they have the right to vote and live in peace alongside Jews. Likewise, should a future independent Palestinian state let Jews and Christians live there with the right to vote and be represented?

•  The hundreds of rockets fired by terrorists in Southern Lebanon and Gaza annually also threaten the lives of Israeli Muslims and Christians - all who are Israeli citizens who vote in Israeli elections.

•  Does Israel reward West Bank and Arab Israeli residents who show restraint and live in peace, render justice equally, or arrest violent settlers who threaten Palestinians?Why did Hamas spend billions of dollars on rockets and tunnels over 300 miles long instead of tourism and hotels along its beautiful beaches, or growing its economy?

•  What will be done to ensure a future government in Gaza will end such troubled priorities?Should America suspend aid to Israel until it treats civilians in the West Bank and Gaza better? Likewise, if Palestinian Authority if leaders do not denounce Hamas terrorism and reject honest democracy?