Mike congratulates Mr. Nadler on his victory. We hope that he will embrace bipartisanship and address serious problems our nation and city face.

12th CD, Manhattan

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As an army veteran, I know what it means to have a shared purpose. Politicians have lost that sense of patriotism. January 6 made it worse. Use of violence and intimidation to change election results is terribly wrong. But angry finger pointing has gone on too long. It’s time to move on and repair fractured relationships between Democrats and Republicans.

Extremists brought January 6th… soaring crime… massive homelessness… fear. They are removed from American roots - Roosevelt… Eisenhower… Kennedy. 

We need leaders who solve problems - not misguided  extremists. We need to stop the crime wave keeping us in fear and preventing millions of wary tourists from visiting and supporting nearly 300,000 jobs. The WWII generation cooperated and built prosperity. We need to restore such patriotism. Read my plans.

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Economic Renewal

I present comprehensive economic plans for the national and local economy. From outsourcing to inflation to restoring domestic manufacturing, here is a long-term plan to bring independence from foreign supply chains and job growth.

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Crime/Mass Shootings

Crime has soared. Restoring safe streets and subways will take more than Albany tweaking bail. It will take major change. My congressional opponent, supporting progressives soft on crime, won’t act to restore safety. We need sensible policing that respects civil rights, handles crime, and requires judges to set bail that won’t release dangerous people.

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Social Security & Seniors Help

Helping each other. That’s what we do in America. Government must do more to help senior citizens and ensure Social Security will be there for us… now and 50 years from now.

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Clean Energy: Fusion, Geothermal & Tidal

It could take land nearly the size of Connecticut filled with solar panels or windmills to power New York City. We need better solutions. Continue using non-carbon producing nuclear power and prioritize inner earth heat (geothermal), ocean tides, improved conservation, planting millions-more carbon absorbing trees, more efficient appliances and transmission of electricity, hybrid and all-electric cars, charging stations.

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Repairing Democracy

January 6th was a horror. I condemn violence as a means of overturning elections and those who violently went into the capitol. They do not represent the Republican party. Debate of ideas is acceptable, but never fierce behavior. There are more important things than winning elections - like protecting democracy.

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Healthcare, Mental Illness & Prescriptions

I’ll work to ensure everyone has access to affordable health insurance and prescription drugs. Mental illness must have a larger role in healthcare. Last year nearly 100,000 people overdosed on drugs and died, suggesting mental illness or depression. Reports note growth of depression among teenagers and adults. Mental illness often leads to poor health. They are interrelated. One wonders how many mass shootings may have been prevented had those killers had mental illness treatment long before they got their hands on guns.

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Schools: Return True Education

Most New York City schools fail in teaching fundamentals skills: 31% of young Hispanic students and 26% of black children tested proficient in math. English proficiency scores were dismal: Blacks students 48%, Hispanics 47%. Many schools need major change. Over $31 billion was spent on NYC education in 2021 - nearly $19,000 per pupil, most in the nation, yet students test poorly. I will use the bully pulpit to advocate for comprehensive change.

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Infrastructure: Subway, NYCHA, Tunnels, Schools

As your congressman I will put my heart and soul into obtaining federal funds to improve our subways, buses and infrastructure. From aging water/sewage pipes to poor subway service to tunnels supporting transportation, I will diligently work to keep our city vibrant.

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Housing & NYCHA

Housing needs rapid action. For years politicians (like my opponent) gave lip service to NYCHA and affordable housing. I have a comprehensive plan for intense and rapid action.

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Outsourcing & Inflation

Millions of lost jobs, $1 trillion trade deficit, vanishing industries, inflation. All notorious problems. All solvable. Here is a plan to end the stubborn problems and vulnerability to other countries, as we now painfully endure.

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Democracy in Ukraine

Recent retreat of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory is encouraging. Success by Ukraine in defeating the Russian invasion has huge implications. A free, democratic Ukraine represents the future of Russian speaking peoples, democracy, and forces fighting fascism and dictatorship as represented by the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin. Continuing military support for Ukraine and helping Europe end its dependence in Russian oil and gas are the key to ultimate success. And patience.

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Homelessness: Solutions!

We fear being pushed onto an oncoming subway car. Add mounting trash, drug addicts in subway stations, subway seats covered by sleeping people, aggressive beggars, tossed syringes… and a long list of troubling problems. An estimated 50,000 New Yorkers are homeless. A comprehensive plan is long overdue. I offer one.

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Press Release
Date: August 23, 2022

I congratulate Jerry Nadler on his defeat of Carolyn Maloney in the Democratic primary and look forward to giving voters an alternative to 30 years of doctrinaire Democratic Party dogma from their representatives.

As a leader in moderate, independent, political movements nationally, I think the kinds of pragmatic, people-centered, data-driven alternative policies I have advanced for decades will find a receptive audience among our many friends and neighbors in New York's new 12th Congressional District.

I am the same kind of college-educated, work-a-day New Yorker as many of the people in the district. 

I know what it’s like to buy groceries, ride the subways, pay the month’s rent and worry about an angry boss, lay-offs and job security.  But I am also a U.S. Army veteran who not only served overseas myself, but grew up on my Dad’s Air Force bases around the world as an “Air Force Brat”.  As an adult hoping to find better solutions for how government and society operate, I became a "policy wonk" offering alternatives and solutions.

I think those experiences will bring a unique, insightful, apolitical, vision to this still great city’s representation in the House of Representatives. Mr. Nadler, on the other hand, cannot understand or even appreciate those kind of life experiences or skills because he became an officeholder even before he graduated college. He has never experienced any other type of work.

It's important, in my view, to bring down the tone of our politics from "high boil" to "low simmer" and to replace partisanship with particulars – the particulars we need to get the country back on track after the worst pandemic in a century, heightened threats from abroad, and inflation that's crushing family budgets and our children's future.  
I don't think Jerry Nadler, who calls his failed attempt to remove Donald Trump from office his "greatest accomplishment" in 30 years in Congress, can do that.   

Let's see what the voters think on November 8th.

Sincerely, Mike Zumbluskas                                 
  • 441 E. 83rd Street Apt. A, New York, NY 10028