The legacy of your current congressman’s policies: $34 trillion government debt… Millions poured through our open border… Colleges erupting in fearful antisemitism & intimidation… Vast drug addiction & homelessness in our city…


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As an army veteran, I know what it means to have a shared purpose. Many politicians abandoned that sense of working together for a greater purpose. It’s time to repair fractured relationships and work to build a better future.

We need leaders who solve problems - not misguided extremists. In commemorating the 80th anniversary of the remarkable 1944 Normandy invasion, we must restore their commitment to civic duty. What we’ve become is a disgrace. The World War II generation put country before political party. We must restore their devotion to their country - a commitment to a clean environment and American prosperity... and vibrant democracy. 

Read my plans for a future that would make that World War II generation proud of us.

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Economic Renewal

l present comprehensive plans for the national and NY economy. From outsourcing to clean energy industries to restoring domestic manufacturing, here is a long-term plan to bring job growth and independence from foreign supply chains.

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Israel, Gaza & Protests

Politicians and university leaders must address protesters opposing Israel‘s right to exist or promoting hatred and death of Jews. America did not sacrifice 400,000 soldiers fighting Nazism & fascism during World War II only to see misguided students promote hate of Jews. To the many naïve protesters yelling “free free Palestine”, I would act as congressman to make them aware that an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza would merely allow a ruthless terrorist group that murdered 1200 civilians and took (and tortured and raped) 251 hostages to ruthlessly control 2 million Gazans. Hamas is a terrorist group that wants to destroy Israel and murder millions of Israelis. Why doesn’t your current congressman talk about this? He won’t. I will.

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Immigration: A REAL Plan

Illegal immigration must be addressed. Your current congressman has no plan. I offer a detailed 10-point plan (see “read more”). In sum: 1) permanently ban asylum requests at the border; 2) everyone must request asylum in their country of origin and be vetted there; 3) everyone entering illegally loses the right to claim asylum; 4) President shuts border to all migrant entry until Congress enacts a real immigration plan; 5) increase border patrol & triple immigration court staff to end multi-year backlogs; 6) seal/fence the entire southern border; 7) satisfy labor needs only by work visas; 8) strictly enforce labor laws, firmly prosecute employers violating laws, and ensure labor laws are quickly enforced; 9) revise laws as needed; 10) recognize that most asylum claims are not real. Politicians like my opponent ducked the issue for decades and the President’s recent executive order merely limits crossings to 2500/day (over 900,000 annually). The millions who entered illegally (include airports/expired visas) get more costly help than poor and homeless Americans in desperate need. Study my plan (below). You will find it fair & thorough.

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Debt, Trade & BRICS

Millions of lost jobs, near $1 trillion trade deficit, vanishing industries. Federal debt at $34 trillion & projected deficit of $1.9 trillion (yes, trillion). Interest payments soon reaching $1 trillion/year. Now we face threat from the BRICS bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) trying to ruin our economy by ending the dollar as currency reserve. Here is a plan addressing our economic vulnerability.

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Race Attacks & Crime

Attacks and threats to Jews, Asian Americans and African-Americans shockingly increase. Mentally ill and dangerous people roam the streets. Restoring safe streets and subways will take more than merely tweaking bail. My congressional opponent is oddly silent on crime and race attacks. We need policing that respects civil rights, handles crime, and requires judges to set bail that won’t allow dangerous people to remain at large. We also witness increased mass shootings. I am prepared to take action to protect your safety. Please study my proposals below.

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Mental & Health Care, Prescriptions, Social Security, Seniors Help

Helping each other. That’s what we do in America. We must do more to ensure Social Security will be there for us… now and in 50 years. I propose 1) resolving the coming funding crisis Social Security faces, 2) lowering prescription prices, 3) increasing mental health treatment, and 4) providing assistance for seniors. Compare my proposals with my opponent’s plans (he offers none).

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Ukraine: A Path Forward

A free Ukraine represents the future of Russian speaking peoples, democracy, and forces fighting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. How long must the bloody conflict continue? How will we reach a cease fire? Is it worth generational conflict with nuclear-armed Russia to protect perhaps 20% of Ukrainian territory from permanent Russian occupation? These, and other important matters, are analyzed below followed by peace proposals.

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Repairing Democracy

January 6th was a horror. I condemn violence as a means of overturning elections. Debate and free speech are acceptable, but never fierce behavior. There are more important goals than winning elections - like a healthy democracy. I propose reforms below for trust in elections, voter fraud, safety of elected officials, safety of elections staff, speedy trials, ending Gerrymandering, and seating representatives by state instead of party so that they actually talk to each other and start acting like healthy human beings instead of vicious hate mongers.

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Clean Energy: Fusion, Geothermal & Tidal

It could take land nearly the size of Connecticut filled with solar panels or windmills to power New York City. Eventually, hundreds of millions of car and other batteries with toxic chemicals will be disposed. How will this be done safely? We have to plan and think things through more carefully. Continue using non-carbon producing nuclear power and prioritize inner earth heat (geothermal), ocean tides, improved conservation, planting millions-more carbon absorbing trees, more efficient appliances and transmission of electricity, hybrid and all-electric cars, efficient batteries, solar panel manufacturing in New York State, my waste to energy program, and statewide charging stations. Let’s vigorously research fusion energy (like the sun merging hydrogen into helium). Fusion would provide infinite clean energy. We must solve nature’s elusive riddle.

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Schools: Return True Education

Most New York City schools fail in teaching fundamental skills: only 31% of young Hispanic students and 26% of black children tested proficient in math. English proficiency scores were dismal: Blacks students 48%, Hispanics 47%. Over $39 billion was spent on NYC education in 2023-24 - nearly $38,000/student. The average for students nationwide is $15,600. We have shameful results despite paying well over double the national average. This is the legacy of your ineffective incumbent congressman. Once elected I will do everything within my power to rebuild our school system and end generations of failed (and costly!) education.

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Infrastructure: Subway, NYCHA, Tunnels, Schools

As your congressman I will put my heart and soul into obtaining federal funds to improve our subways, buses and infrastructure. From aging water/sewage pipes to poor subway service to tunnels supporting transportation, I will diligently work to keep our city vibrant.

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Homelessness: Solutions!

We fear being pushed onto an oncoming subway car. Add mounting trash, drug addicts in subway stations, subway seats covered by sleeping people, aggressive beggars, tossed syringes… and a long list of troubling problems. An estimated 200,000 people in New York (now including recent migrants) are homeless. A comprehensive plan is long overdue. I offer one.

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