Economic Renewal

I present comprehensive economic plans for the national and local economy. From outsourcing to inflation to restoring domestic manufacturing, here is a long-term plan to bring independence from foreign supply chains and  job growth.

Manufacturing(A powerful plan is in the “outsourcing” section below – check it out!) Products from stoves to microchips to long-lost basics (like shoes and clothing) must be made here. Covid showed how vulnerable we are when products are made abroad. Our country is sadly vulnerable to rare earths coming from China - ores important to technologies like batteries and cell phones. We must restore our own Rare Earth mines as a matter of national security. We must be in the cutting edge in technologies of the future like car batteries, solar panels and clean energy products. Make sure they remain produced by American workers  “Made in America” must be permanent government policy. Underlying causes for millions of Americans watching their quality of life decline requires restoration of U.S. manufacturing. This must be high priority.

Trade & Economic IndependenceRestoring lost industries and countless jobs requires better trade agreements, tax incentives and punitive tariffs to reduce an ominous 2021 trade deficit at over $1 Trilllion!  Economists estimate each billion in trade deficit brings thousands of lost jobs. The $319 billion 2021 trade deficit with China must be cut. If China and others want access to U.S. markets, our companies must sell equal amounts abroad. The goal: millions more American jobs as more products are made here.

Protect Dollar as Currency Reserve. The health of the American dollar, as international currency reserve, is crucial to our country and economic vitality. Our economic enemies, namely Russia and China, are taking actions to undermine the dollar. The economic analysis is complicated, too lengthy for purposes here, but our government must take firm action to protect the dollar else we may face economic setbacks in years to come.

Virus-Killing Technology. Ensure safety now and post-Covid. Install virus-killing UVC ventilation in subways, schools, buses, elevators, etc. Gifting UVC technology to businesses is cheaper than years-long lost tax revenue from a failing economy. Let businesses display the sign "UVC Virus-Killing Ventilation” to restore tourism and confidence in safety.

Restore Tourism. Crime and Covid tarnished our image. Restore solid police protection so tourists feel safe. A nationwide “I love New York” ad campaign will help. Tourists spent nearly $47 billion annually (pre-covid) and provided over 280,000 jobs from restaurants to hotels.

Corporations & Needed Taxes.  Corporations provide tax revenue. Extremists maligning corporations pave the way for a disastrous tax collapse if Wall Street exits or tourists fueling hotels and restaurants fear visiting. We are harmed when politicians needlessly attack corporations funding government and schools.

Police Security.  Protect businesses from crime and vandalism. It is common sense. A city only thrives with a strong economy…. and good security.

Mom & Pop Businesses. Restore local businesses to where they were before Covid, ruined by no fault of their own. Rent help and no-interest loans must be offered without time-wasting red tape. Prioritize small business owners who live in the city. They deserve government help to compete with corporate giants like Amazon.

Unemployment. During the 1930s Depression the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) put thousands of people to work building infrastructure. People now collecting unemployment, motivated by increased payments, can work part-time using skills they have: tutor students, clean parks or NYCHA facilities, clear graffiti, etc.

Solar & Tidal/Hydro Energy Job Creation. A bold economic plan: solar panels and batteries on EVERY rooftop in NYC within 10 years and government programs to make it happen. Promote tidal/hydro energy from sea tides for clean energy. Sell such technology nationwide and internationally. Massive jobs creation: NYC factories building equipment, offices in our city, technical training in vocational public schools.  Let NY be a place of real progress.  Talk the talk with bold action and a plan.