Clean Energy: Fusion, Geothermal & Tidal

It could take land nearly the size of Connecticut filled with solar panels or windmills to power New York City. We need better solutions. Continue using non-carbon producing nuclear power and prioritize inner earth heat (geothermal), ocean tides, improved conservation, planting millions-more carbon absorbing trees, more efficient appliances and transmission of electricity, hybrid and all-electric cars, efficient batteries, solar panel manufacturing in New York State, my waste to energy program, and statewide charging stations. Let’s vigorously research fusion energy (like the sun merging hydrogen into helium). Fusion  would provide infinite clean energy. We must solve nature’s elusive riddle. 

Clean Fusion. Just as our country moved quickly and determinedly put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s, government, universities and private industry must prioritize fusion research. So much will be solved if we unravel the sun’s mystery and give mankind endless clean energy. Scientists have an saying about fusion - it’s always a decade away. Our country (and entire world) should put its heart and soul into the holy grail of clean energy.

Geothermal energy from boiling heat deep inside the earth and ocean tides also provide important opportunities. Deep down in the earth the temperature is nearly 10,000°, about the same as the surface of the sun. Tapping into this energy is an obvious way to get clean and endless energy. 

The tides of the ocean are another energy source, especially given that our  city borders water and the Atlantic Ocean nearby.  It also provides possibilities for vast job creation for New York City and our state.

Nuclear Power. We are in a bind. Retiring nuclear plants too quickly is ill-advised. Germany did it, and now they are in a terrible predicament, relying upon dirty oil from the filthy Russian government. We must learn a lesson from Germany’s experience. People justifiably are concerned about a nuclear meltdown, but the reality is the industry has a remarkably safe record. We need to continue using nuclear energy, relieving us of oil, until safer and cleaner energy sources become available. Let’s not panic. Give a 25 year window. I’m confident great options will emerge by then. Meantime, let nuclear plants provide clean energy.

CO2 Removal Technology. I support research and promotion of technologies that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as a tool to help deal with the emissions problem.

Waste to Energy. I wish to pursue a program to convert trash to energy and study ways to use modern technologies that avoid past side effect of pollution brought on by burning trash. Carbon dioxide removal technology makes this plan worthy to explore.