Foreign Policy Goals

A commentator noted: last month we gave Ukraine $1 billion in aid but gave Russia $30 billion for oil and gas. U.S. foreign policy must address this and these matters: 1) cripple Russia economically for its barbaric invasion of Ukraine by helping Europe quickly convert to liquid natural gas (LNG), 2) end China’s unfair trade practices and our dependence on basic needs, 3) affirm support for Israel and the fight against terrorism, 4) declare drug cartels in Mexico and Central America are terrorist killers of millions of Americans by drug addiction and dismantle these criminal cartels, 5) stop Iran/North Korea nuclear proliferation, 6) confront narco Central American states and responsibly manage illegal immigration, 7) protect the dollar’s currency reserve status, 8) end enormous trade deficits and outsourcing.

Punish RussiaRussia must be cut off from the world economy until it replaces its barbaric dictator, Putin, with a reasonable government and ends its war in Ukraine. Russia must be become a multi-year pariah state severely punished for its unprovoked invasion and atrocities committed upon civilians. The thought that Europe and other countries purchase Russian oil/gas funding its barbaric invasion is nauseating. We must help Europe end all purchases of Russian products so Russia never again uses oil as a means for extortion. Help Germany rapidly expand its LNG infrastructure and clean energy. We must try to make it happen within a year. Banning Russian oil/gas (an estimated 36% of its government budget is funded by it) must be high priority.

NATO.  Ensure Eastern European and Baltic NATO members (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) remain free. Europe needs full German cooperation to end European dependence on Russian oil. Our foreign policy since World War II has protected democracy and this remains essential policy. Russian and Chinese aggression must be confronted firmly. NATO Article V (threat to one is threat to all) is being tested. Russia must know that the 1930s world of Lord Chamberlain appeasement and Sudentenland capitulation to Nazi Germany is long gone.  Placing significant NATO forces in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states is a necessary means to deter aggression. This includes cyber attacks on America and Europe posing threat to our way of life. 

Russia Disintegration. Old expression: be careful what you wish for, you may get it. What if Putin were overthrown? What if it turned into Civil War and fighting between ruthlessly opposed militias? A bloody Russian Civil War occurred in 1919–20. Ukraine shows that the unthinkable is possible. Russia has over 6000 nuclear weapons and 38 nuclear plants - a dangerous place for chaos. Let’s be careful about terrible scenarios like 6,000 poorly guarded nuclear weapons and destruction of nuclear power plants.

Israel Support. With all the disturbing events of late, we must not overlook helping Israel and fighting terrorism. Renew peace talks in the Middle East, improve Israel/Arab relations, and prevent Iran and Syria from further harming the Middle East.

Mexican Drug War. With so much focus on Ukraine, it’s time to equally address the war south of our border. Some 100,000 Americans die yearly from drugs coming from Mexico and the Central American countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Why is this overlooked by my congressional opponent? Officially name Mexican and Latin American drug cartels as terrorists and take action to disarm and dismantle these horrible networks selling drugs that kill Americans. Drug cartels effectively control northern Mexico. Work with the Mexican government (perhaps force it) to defeat heavily armed gangs terrorizing Mexico and feeding drug addiction to Americans essentially paying “taxes” to criminal cartels. Cartels abet illegal immigrantion from Central America. It’s time to firmly address these crises.

China & Economic Independence. The near $350 billion trade deficit with China must be slashed through improved trade agreements. If China wants access to our markets, our companies must sell a roughly equal amount in China. The goal: near-zero trade deficit and millions more American jobs as more products are manufactured here. Economic decline (and underlying reasons for millions of Americans watching their quality of life decline) requires restoration of U.S. manufacturing. This must be high priority.  Let "Made in America" be the hallmark of economic renewal. Further, Chinese threat to Taiwan ominously grows. Act with resolve to protect Taiwan independence. A frequent "visit" by American carriers to the South China Sea sends a clear message. 

Protect Dollar as Currency Reserve. The health of the American dollar, as international currency reserve, is crucial to our country and economic vitality. Our economic enemies, namely Russia and China, are taking actions to undermine the dollar. The economic analysis is complicated, too lengthy for purposes here, but our government must take firm action to protect the dollar else we may face economic setbacks in years to come.

Immigration. We must finally solve the immigration crisis and why people leave their countries. Central American is plagued by drug cartels - a key cause of people rushing to our borders. Stopping this involves work visas and protecting borders and airports. Foreign policy must address poisonous narco-states, where people live in fear of corrupt police and government. Some refugees fleeing violence have plausible asylum claims. Illegals seeking economic gain must be treated differently from those with genuine asylum claims - like refugees from Afghanistan.

Middle East, Iran & Terrorism. We must forever oppose terrorists and Middle East factions (i.e. Iran)  causing problems. Iran must never get a nuclear weapon. Never. Peace in Israel is of utmost importance, as is peaceful relations among Arab nations. An American exit from that region, inviting trouble from Russia and China, cannot be allowed.

Microwave Terrorism. Over 1000 US diplomatic personnel suffered brain injuries due to suspected microwave attacks. The suffering is incalculable. The potential for this technology to attack leaders and millions worldwide is chilling. Microwave attacks must be part of the Geneva Peace Conference banning weapons like poison gas. All countries, especially China and Russia, must agree to this. It is in everyone’s interest.

America’s most powerful weapon is being a nation of human rights and freedom. We have to clean up our own country and focus on making our democracy inspiring, for that will make us a stronger, just and godly nation foreign peoples can admire.